Monday, August 2, 2010

Something to Consider When Buying a New Computer

Recently, my ancient laptop (clocking in at over #15 and made by a company that doesn't even exist anymore) bit the dust. This necessitated the overwhelming task of researching, comparing, and purchasing a new one.

My primary considerations: weight, feel of the keys as I type, visual appeal.
Secondary considerations: Memory, battery life, all the technical stuff that I don't really understand.

Then the guy at Micro Center uttered this golden nugget: "This will be your constant companion and partner for the next two to three years. So choose wisely. You will spend much time together."

Me: "Um...I was looking for a longer-term commitment."

Him: "No. Two to three years. That is all. But in that time, it will be your closest companion."

After much consideration, my new closest companion for two to three years is a Toshiba Satellite. I'm looking forward to seeing what this partnership brings! :)

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