Thursday, August 5, 2010

Earthbox Update - Week Sixteen: The Glass is Half-Full

For weeks, I've been bemoaning the plagues that have been visited on my zucs and the cucs and anything else that's bitten the dust. I've been wringing my hands and whining about the pests and the pestilence, the lack of pollination, and the lack of product (so many buds and no veggies...wah, wah, waaaaah). In short, I've been, an ungrateful little wench.

Both my ingratitude and my use of the word "wench" are un-yogic. Or at least un-cool.
This un-coolness culminated in me, in a fit of fury, ripping out the Aphid-infested cucs. Yes, they were being slowly eaten alive, but they were still alive until I, frustrated and hopeless, yanked them out, then felt terrible. Both the life-ending, the fury, and the rash decision were pretty un-yogic/un-cool too.

Today, however, as I was watering the remaining crops--tomatoes, pepper plants, and zucs (what's left of their Aphid-damaged carcasses)--I was shocked to see that the tomatoes have basically burst into bloom over night! There are hundreds of baby tomatoes all over all the plants--even the little guy who I found growing out of the outdoor carpet (presumably from a fallen tomato last season)!

Even more surprising, there are nearly half-grown horn-shaped peppers whose existence I failed to notice altogether, being far too busy whining. (Whining, when done in excessive amounts can be pretty time-consuming, after all.)

So what did I take from this horticultural wake-up call? Basically, that from now on, I need to shut my pie-hole and appreciate what I DO have instead of what I don't.

How could I have missed these guys (above)? Geez! I must've been pretty darn preoccupied complaining about what wasn't working. cute is this little guy? Seriously! How cute?!

This tomato (above) from the giant plant is really getting big. Which is necessary if it's going to contribute to the #25/per plant that Earthbox guarantees!

This little tomato is barely the size of a pearl. Am I the only one that thinks that's awesome? I found this plant growing out of the carpet. Now that is determination!

This tomato is nearly as tall as me! Clocking in at over five feet tall and nearly as wide, it's hard to believe that it's just one plant. One glorious, enormous, fruit-filled plant! Grow baby, grow!

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