Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Earthbox Update - Week Seventeen: Tomatoes Are Coming! Tomatoes Are Coming!

Tis the season for tomatoes...lots and lots and lots of tomatoes! They're all still green--nary a red one in sight (or actually, as these are the "Black Krim" heirloom variety, nary a purple-black one in sight), but seeing all these pre-ripe beautiful, shiny, round tomatoes cropping up and expanding everyday is just so exciting. And tomatoes aren't even my favorite thing to eat!

Why is it so fun and exciting to grow your own food? What is it about these plants that reduces me to a quivering garden geek? Is it yogic? The fact that nothing connects you to the universe (or yourself) quite like growing your own food--that which nourishes and sustains you? Or is the childlike wonder of watching the fruits of your labor evolve under your TLC? ("Fruits," get it? ha ha ha.)

Is there something just innately satisfying about being responsible for the life of something else?

Who cares? It's FUN!

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