Saturday, August 28, 2010

Earthbox Update Week Nineteen: Fruit of my Labors; How the Mighty have Fallen

This urban gardening yogini went on vacation for a week, and returned to a bountiful garden of plants and fruit grown larger and ripening.

The ten-second update is as follows:

I'm about to harvest my first golden bell pepper and the excitement of this really cannot be underestimated. (Tangential thought: holy crap, you'd have to plant a lot of plants to feed yourself!)

While I was away, my first Black Krim tomato ripened...and my honest-to-a-fault neighbors left it on the vine instead of taking it themselves. The result was I came home to a rotten tomato on the vine, which I then had to see but couldn't enjoy. Sadness. Sheer tantalizing sadness.

On the squash front, oh how the mighty have fallen! What once was a killer zucchini is now just a sad, shriveled shell of its former self. Maybe even sadder than the wasted tomato.
Former glory...
Total bummer
And in related news, you may remember that the cucumbers met a similar fate after being ravaged by the 10 plagues. Sentimentality warred with practicality, and finally, after a suitable period of mourning, I decided to replant the empty Earthbox that used to house the cucs.

12 days ago I planted these 23 dirt cups (technically called Peat Pots - and yes, I actually took a picture of them)...

And now...voila! Beautiful little baby bean plants! On the advice of Aunt Joan at Primex, I selected the "Bean Bush Contender" as it's a 45-day til harvest variety. And at this point in the season, time is of the essence!

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