Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parking Ticket with Yoga Instructions...Say What?!

Got a parking ticket last night. Bummer.

Got a parking ticket last night while doing charity work for at-risk inner city kids. Double bummer.

Got a parking ticket that came with illustrated yoga instructions on the back detailing how to "give and receive the citation" through three asanas. Weird. But kinda cool.

According to the back of the ticket, picture below, this "citation salutation" is apparently "part of a public art project that proposes an alternative method of giving and receiving parking citations." Notice that one of the little figures has an automated ticket printer and an arm badge (the giver), and one is just a poor schlep (you).

Though it didn't quite take me from "ugh" to "OM," it did make me smile. If I'd been at the car when the meter maid came, I kind of wonder if he/she would've been willing to hand me the ticket via the Warrior One hand-off as illustrated below. I almost want to double park, in front of a hydrant, in Harvard Square, at the peak of rush hour just to see. Almost, but not quite.

Maybe it's to make you laugh as you fork over casheesh to the city gov. Maybe it's a public art project. Maybe it's a way to soften the blow. Maybe it's the artist's contribution to lowering overall rage, bringing yoga to life, yadda, yadda, yadda. Whatever it is, I have to say, ONLY IN CAMBRIDGE!!!

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