Friday, October 8, 2010

Earthbox Update - Week Twenty-Five: Goodnight Peppers, Goodnight Beans

Like millions of other people, "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown is one of my favorite children's books. This week, however, I entered my own gardening version of the children's classic.

It got too cold here too fast here last week for this inadvertent yogini. I know it's October, but 60s and raining during the day and upper 40s and...more night = not fun. Not fun for me, and especially not fun for my plants, who have to stay outside and freeze their fruit off all night.

Quick call of concern to my gardening guru, Aunt Joan at Primex, and my affiliation with "Goodnight Moon," a bedtime tale that illustrates a little bunny rattling off his "goodnights" to everything in the room, just got closer.

Apparently, I need to tuck-in all my plants at night. Yes, you read that right. Like, with sheets (or plastic bags). This, in an effort to stave off too-chilly temps that slow growth and veggie-production.

Now, this is not my proudest moment. But I've been dedicated to this garden since April, and I've even gone so low as to participate in zucchini cut to me stepping out onto the porch with trash bags and old sheets, tucking the little guys in, and thinking to myself, "gooodnight peppers, goodnight beans..." (cover, cover) "...goodnight tomatoes, goodnight greens..." (tuck, tuck) "...goodnight rosemary, parsley and thyme..." (cover, tuck) "...goodnight to all these plants of mine."

OK I'm not totally crazy. I didn't actually say/think that goodnight rhyme--I just made that up for the reading pleasure of you, my blog friends. But you should know that I AM crazy enough (or...ahem...dedicated enough) to be out here, freezing my tail off every night, tucking these babies in.

There you have it--my gardening obsession/OCD is revealed!

HOWEVER, lest you think these extreme measures are for naught, my garden responded with appreciation...

Tiny baby beans...aww

Ready for harvest...

So pretty! So plentiful! But not ready yet...

Today's harvest :)
And just to get super yoga-y on your ass, here's my Buddha shot:

Awww. I love my garden Buddha! It seems only right to include him in a shot. After all, he's been out here adding zen to this urban garden all season. :)

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