Thursday, June 24, 2010

Earthbox Update Report #2: Week Nine

Well it's Week Three of Earthbox testing for this urban (potted-plant porch) gardener and I have to say they are growing...well, like weeds. (Though as previously noted, this system of putting what is basically a giant shower cap over box tops doesn't actually allow weeds to grow at all.)

As you can see, this box of zucs and cucs is kinda out of control for a three-week old!

The other potted plants are also doing well, but somehow they're just a little less exciting because I grew tomatoes and cucs in pots last summer and they follow the usual plant, water, weed routine. No weird shower caps or water reservoir-wicking-self-watering system. (By the way, I'm going to email the Earthbox folks about their water system--those little tubes are incredibly annoying/challenging to pour water into. They should've made one end a funnel. How the heck am I supposed to hoist 4 gallons of water (which is what, 32 pounds?) balance precariously, and pour it into a tube whose circumference is the space between your thumb and forefinger if you press your finger tips together? I end up sloshing, losing water, and then having to climb in and out of my window more times to finish watering. Argh.)

Anyway - that's how my garden grows this week :)

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