Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The September Check-In with Yourself

There's something about September that's all "back to business," even if you're not going back to school. (I'm not.)

When I worked in the corporate world (shudder) (vodka shot) (warding off PTSD), my manager and I always set goals in January that I was supposed to earnestly pursue throughout the upcoming year (I did my darndest.) Then we'd have quarterly check-ins to see how I was progressing...or should I say, we met quarterly so she could tell me that nothing I did was ever good enough. And when I did meet a goal, well, that just meant that it was time to set another. Which, as Sean Achor points out, only moves the goal post for happiness back ever-farther and makes it impossible to ever actually be happy.

Now that I'm out of the corporate world, I set New Year's Resolutions for myself and check-in periodically with them. So as September draws to end, I experience both the end of summer and the beginning of the last quarter before the year ends. AKA the last three months to try to meet those year-long goals. And although I've discarded a lot of crap from my corporate years, I think setting goals and checking in with yourself is actually a pretty good habit to keep.

I'm checking in with the goals I set for myself and seeing what I can do to finish the year strong. What about you? How are you doing with your goals? Care to check-in too?

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