Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yet Another Brush with Crazy

Let's be honest: I've had my fair share of brushes with crazy. Sometimes crazy is kind of funny. Sometimes crazy is neutral. And, this morning, I learned that sometimes crazy is just downright mean.

While taking tiny Pelu for her morning walk, she bounded up to say hello to a man walking past us. Or at least she tried to bound up and say hello. Still working on her puppy manners, I yanked her back with a sharp, "No!"

In spite of the fact that 1. she is clearly just a sweet little 11-pound puppy and 2. due to my interception, she was nowhere near him, this total stranger viciously kicked at her. Thankfully, he missed.

Clenching my jaw, I kept walking. Let it go, I told myself.

"Next time I'm going to kick your little dog right in the face, sweetheart! Right in the kisser, baby!! YEAH! I'm gonna kick her like a football right across the street!!!"

OK. I'm only human. I couldn't let that go. Who even THINKS of kicking sweet little puppies?! Clearly, this man was a monster. "Maybe I'll kick you in the face!" I yelled back.

He was still screaming. "You better put that thing in a muzzle! I swear I'm gonna kick her in the face next time!"

"Someone should put YOU in a muzzle!" I yelled back. That'll show him!

What this really taught me (aside of the obvious fact that some puppy-kicking monsters masquerade as average-looking humans) is that man! I really need to work on my comebacks! If all I can think of is to repeat whatever insult/threat he's lodged against sweet little Pelu, it's sad times. Sad times, indeed.


  1. Your response was spot on, that man needed a muzzle, at the very least. When walking a dog in public, one must read the body English of all passers-by. Not sure exactly what the indicators of totally nuts are, but apparently you're learning. May you never see this person again, and if you do, may he be back on his meds and show contrition!