Monday, April 16, 2012

The Magetic Pull of Marathons

It's 87-sweltering degrees today. I was in a full sweat just taking Pelu for her morning walk. She was panting the whole way, a tiny ball of determined furry fury pulling with all her might toward a treat at the other end. It feels like the first hot day of summer (and it's not even summer yet). It's an aberration of New England weather. Unfortunately, for thousands of runners, today is also the Boston Marathon.

I'm not a runner. Never have been. But there's something about watching the winner cross the finish line that makes even this non-runner get goosebumps and weepy. What is that Triumph of the human spirit? Humans overcoming inhumane heat and distance? Athletic accomplishment? The miracle of what bodies can do--run under a 5-minute mile men/6-minute mile women for 26.2 grueling miles??!!

Maybe it's all of these, maybe it's something else intangible. But whatever it is, it's captivating.

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