Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mindfulness: The New "Multi-tasking?"

Just got an automated update from LinkedIn (and for those who are unfamiliar, that's the Facebook for the professional networking set). It suggested that I add new skills to keep up with my peers. It suggested several, which it no doubt got from my the decade of work experience I logged whilst shackled to a desk. Among them: "Advertising," "Writing," blah, blah, blah, and "Mindfulness."

Wait. Wha...?

Since when has the corporate world valued mindfulness as a skillset? I used to get praised and promoted for being a Grade A Multi-tasker. In fact, I even featured it prominently as one of my top most valuable skills on my resume.

When I left the corporate world for the yoga world, my office mates were mostly puzzled ("Did she say yogurt?") derisive ("Dude, you gonna go twist yourself into a pretzel or something? heh heh heh") or a slight variation of condescending, ("Well that sounds...relaxing.") (Me: "Um, actually, it's relaxing to DO yoga. It's a JOB to TEACH yoga. But thanks.")

But now LinkedIn's listing MINDFULNESS as a key skillset?! Interesting. Wonder what the coporate peeps would have to say about that? Maybe I'll start seeing them in my classes... :)

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