Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OK Fine--Let it Snow

Unlike the majority of (the apparently insane) Bostonians, I dread the cold. I loathe the cold. I don't ski, ice skate, snowboard, or make any other attempt to be a little less miserable in winter. I do what the sensible plants and animals do: hibernate and wait for spring.

However, as I was out celebrating my friend D's birthday last night, it started flurrying. By the time we left the restaurant (when they were closing and kicking out out politely hoping we'd leave), it was a white cascade...a beautiful first snow in Boston. And since I was wearing the equivalent of a giant sleeping bag (a wonderful puffy coat I got on sale), I was able to enjoy the winter weather. Or maybe it was the red wine keeping me warm from the inside-out. Whatever it was, it worked.

Ran home, bundled up the puppy, and went for a moonlit/streetlit midnight walk. The city was so still and silent around us. Nobody else was out. It was just perfect.

And Pelu, who apparently didn't remember snow from last year, was so freaking cute...had no idea what to make of the white stuff and was alternately galloping around in it, dragging her nose along in it, or prancing like a Lippizaner trying to get it off her tiny feet.

Love nights like that!


  1. I used to hate the cold after growing up in a sub-tropical climate (Sydney, Australia) and spending 12 years in Africa, and when I came to northern Italy I thought I would die. I tried hibernating - but my house is too cold and it became depressing! I finally threw myself into skiing (free-heeling skiing, which doesn't involve nasty twisted knees) and have a warm back and shoulders and outlook all winter long. In fact, come April and I am sad the slopes are closing! Ciao catinitaly

  2. Cat: lol! I actually lived in Brisbane for a bit (and LOVED it and Aus in general) and between that and Africa, I'm not sure how you ever transitioned to a cold northern climate. Albeit, if it's necessary to be cold, it's probably best to do it in Italy :)
    Looking forward to reading your book, btw!

  3. PS: Am far too much of a wimp to ski, but I hear it's a great way to keep fit and get out of the winter doldrums (and house!) :)