Saturday, December 4, 2010

OM for the Holidays Part 2

*This article will appear in its entirety in a yoga newsletter over the holidays. In advance, I'll be posting sneak peeks to provide you with yoga assists for your most common holiday scenarios.

The holidaze is upon us. How can your yoga practice support, ground, and boost you through the season? Here are five common scenarios and possible yoga assists.

Holiday Scenario #2: Between the holiday frenzy, your grandma’s “Why are you still single?/How’s the job search going?/When will I have grandkids?” and your mom’s “If only we saw you more…” the fam’s driving you crazy.
Yoga Assist: Try to get some time on your mat to re-center yourself. No classes available? Try a few sun salutations at home. In adha mukha svasasana (downward facing dog), a grounding, detoxifying inversion, let the accumulated negativity flow out with each exhale. For extra energetic detoxing, take a few rounds of lion’s breath. As you exhale through the mouth with the tongue out, consciously commit to releasing any tension or stress that needs to go. No room or time? Just sit quietly and try lion’s breath.

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