Thursday, December 9, 2010

OM for the Holidays Part 3

*This article will appear in its entirety in a yoga newsletter over the holidays. In advance, I'll be posting sneak peeks to provide you with yoga assists for your most common holiday scenarios.

The holidaze is upon us. How can your yoga practice support, ground, and boost you through the season? Here are five common scenarios and possible yoga assists.

Holiday Scenario #3: You’re heading home for a holiday bash via plane/train/automobile and your back is killing you.
First, roll up a jacket or blanket and place it above your waistband to support the natural lordotic curve of the lower spine. This works best as a preventative measure, but is helpful at any point.

Yoga Assist: Try modified marichyasana (Marichi’s Pose). Draw your left knee into your chest, wrap around the shin with your fingers and elongate the spine. Wrap your right arm around your left leg and gently twist toward the left. Modified standing ardha chandrasana (half moon pose) is a great release for the lower back muscles. If possible, stand in tadasana (mountain pose), feet shoulder width apart (or stay seated). Inhale the arms straight up. Exhale and drop the left hand to the hip as you up and over the head to the left with the extended right arm. For the upper back, try modified garudasana (eagle’s pose for the arms). Seated or standing, bring the arms in front of you at a 90-degree angle, elbows even with the shoulders. Stay here, or drop the left elbow below the right and twine the forearms, bringing the palms together. Take a few deep breaths and switch sides for each pose.

If you’re driving, pull over first. :)

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