Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Gardening Haiku (and update)

A Gardening Haiku
Plants so green! Love! Yay!
Look! Future veggies! Love! Yay!
Back aching. Ouch. Boo.

In a frenzy of excitement over the fact that I get summer sun, I rushed to the nearest garden center over-bought far too many plants. I gave about half to my garden buddy, Dee. Then I did what any garden-addict does--I bought more pots to keep up with my habit.

Specifically, I bought more Earthboxes. In my experience, they're unmatchable when it comes to space-challenged urban gardens and high, high yield. I think I got 150 eggplants from 2 plants last summer. And I could've had more if I'd kept on top of picking them. But I got overwhelmed (there IS only so much eggplant you can eat, after all) and let them sit on the vine, reducing the plant's ability to grow more. I won't be making that mistake this year. I'll set up a farmstand on the sidewalk if I have to.

They arrived yesterday and Dee and I set them up and planted  them until well into the night. Note: Planting past 10 p.m. by dim porchlight (really no light at all) is a definite sign of gardening addiction.

Anyway, the garden is now complete for the Summer 2012 Season (except for the fact that I owe reciprocal planting to Dee next week, a fact that my lower back heartily protests).

Let the growing begin!

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  1. Yay! Let the growing begin! My best friend is addicted to gardening too; her whole porch is full of wonderful potted plants.