Thursday, September 29, 2011

Writing and Eating...Yum

Recently, one of my favorite authors, Kathleen Flinn, who wrote the fantabulous novel, "The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry," (and if that doesn't make you love food and feel super hungry nothing will) wrote a blog post about what writers eat when they're writing.

Interestingly, PB&J ranked right up there, which made me feel quite writerly since that is a diet staple when I'm writing...and also when I'm not writing...and also when I'm hungry...and yeah, pretty much anytime.

What do you eat when you write? And if you're not a writer, what're some of your favorite things to eat anytime?


  1. I drink coffee, but I get jittery after a while so it's more of a hindrance to my writing. I'm gonna have to try the PB&J, I haven't had one in years.

  2. omg Andi you are missing out!! Although I guess you do have the Ghiradelli Choco-Fest to console you ;)

  3. I don't even have PB in the house, what have I been eating all these years. Now ALL I want is a PB&J!

  4. LOL. That's how it goes. I like strawberry jam best, but pumpkin butter or apple butter are also pretty darn tasty.