Monday, September 13, 2010

Earthbox Update - Week Twenty-Two: This Just In!

I waited and waited. I watched and I watched. And, after an eternity (or really, just 21 weeks), they are! My first real harvest of tomatoes--and two gorgeous Carmens (those sassy red peppers) to boot.

In terms of the Earthbox v. traditional potted growing method contest...the tomatoes on the left are all from the Earthbox and weighed in 5.16 pounds. The four on the right are from the traditional growing method and weighed in at .87 pound. Hmmm. Looks like we have a clear winner. (And just to refresh your memory, both plants were the same size, type, planted at the same time etc.) Kudos, Earthbox!

OK. Sure they're simply gorgeous, but how do they TASTE? Well, I can state with utmost honesty that these are some of the very best fresh tomatoes I've ever had in my entire tomato-consuming existence. And while I'd like to credit my outstanding gardening skills, in reality, it's probably just that Black Krims are some tasty toms!

Vine to Table: Sun Gold Cherries
Vine to Table: Black Krims
Beautiful Carmen
OK--only a true gardening geek would get obsessed with a pepper and their shadow...guilty!

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