Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Earthbox Update - Week Eleven: Tiny Veggies!

Try and contain your excitement: baby veggies have appeared. I'm a proud mama who will now bore you with baby pictures, which is an uber-dork move to pull, but seriously, how freaking cute are these guys? A pepper the size of my fingernail? Squash blossoms turning into tiny yellow zucs? C'mon now, you have to have a heart of stone not to appreciate these! Though doesn't every mother think their babies are the cutest?!

I was at the Farmer's Market yesterday with my friend and fellow yoga teacher Jessica. As we were browsing the organic veggies at some of the stands, I noticed that Jessica took a lot of time and care to examine, compare, and select every single item she bought. "I think this one will be the sweetest," she finally said, after examining 15 cucs.

"And that's how I can tell you grew up with a garden!" I pronounced.

Growing your own plants and harvesting their veggies gives you a totally different, way deeper appreciation for the amazing process that is creating food. So my advice is this: Grab a pot, some organic dirt, and a seedling (baby plant) from a farm stand, your grocery store, or wherever, and get to it. Nothing is easier and nothing is more gratifying. You'll never look at selecting your ingredients (or preparing them!) the same way again!

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